Why donate through the Southern Highlands Foundation?

There are five good reasons:

  1. You receive personalised service. The Foundation helps individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organisations to achieve their philanthropic goals by offering tools and resources that make giving easy, flexible, and effective. You can create a personal legacy via named funds or have the option to give anonymously. All administrative details are handled by the Foundation.
  2. You access local expertise. The Southern Highlands Foundation is a local organisation staffed by people from your community and led by a local board of trustees. This group of people has an in-depth knowledge of the issues, opportunities, and resources that shape our community which enables them to assist donors in making their giving as effective as possible.
  3. You multiply the impact of your charitable donations. When you establish a fund with the Foundation your gift is maximised by pooling with multiple sources of funding from a range of donors.
  4. You support community leadership. We are guided by leaders with strong ties to our community and together we act as a community catalyst, bringing diverse voices and groups together to address local issues and foster greater giving and volunteering in our communities. We build endowments to ensure grants support the community forever and redirect funds as community needs change.
  5. You receive maximum tax advantage. The Southern Highlands Foundation is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as an income tax exempt charity provided the donation is made to a Trust Fund.